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Emergency Procedures

Disasters and large-scale emergencies can take many shapes and forms. The following information can help you prepare for and respond to such incidents more effectively. 

          Disaster Psychology
            First Aid


            Food and Water in an Emergency

            Hazardous Materials

            Driving in a Disaster

            Family Disaster Supply Kit          

            Home Fires

            Important (Emergency-Related) Contacts

            Storms & Lightning

            Caring for Pets During Disasters (ASPCA Preparedness Website)

            Sheltering in Place

            Smoke Detectors and Extinguishers

            Useful Websites

            Safety Around Utilities in Emergencies

            Safety for Seniors & Residents with Special Needs (2 documents):

            1. Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities
            and other Special Needs (FEMA/Red Cross Document)

             2. Preparing Makes Sense for Older Americans - Get Ready Now
             (FEMA Document)

   Winter Weather & Storms