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What Businesses are subject to licensing or registration?

According to Section 8.2 of the Dearborn Heights Code of Ordinances, “In general.  It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in or conduct a business¸trade or other activity, or operate a vehicle requiring a city business license, unless such business, trade, activity, or vehicle shall have been licensed according to the provisions of this chapter."

My business is licensed by the State, do I still need to be licensed by the City of Dearborn Heights?

Yes, if you are licensed by the State of Michigan, you are still required to register your business with the City of Dearborn Heights.

What do I need to license my business in the City ?

In order for a business license to be issued, water and personal property tax bills must be current with the City.  In addition,  you must have a valid Certificate of Occupancy for the building in which you are operating the business.  Depending on the particular business you operate, there are several different requirements such as proof of insurance, background checks and vehicle information.  Please check with the Clerk’s office regarding these requirements.

What is the fee for registration/licensing of business?

The fees differ according to the type of business operated.  It is best to call the Clerk’s office if you have specific questions regarding fees.

Is this a one time license/registration and fee?

No, it is renewable every year.  Approximately two months prior to the expiration date you will be sent a renewal notice.  There is a 25 percent penalty, in addition to the license fee, if the renewal is more than seven days past the due date.

I am planning on having a garage sale, what type of license is required?

 At this time garage sales are not required to be licensed.  No such sale shall exceed three (3) consecutive days and there shall be no more than two (2) sales within any one (1) calendar year.

No signs advertising a sale regulated by Section 25-100 of the code of ordinances shall be placed on public property, utility poles or on private property without the express consent of the owner.  Within twenty four (24) hours after the conclusion of the sale, all signs shall be removed. 

There are four different types of licenses issued, a business license /registration, a tree contractor, a street license vendor, and a solicitation license.

Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the business license/registration application.

Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the street vendor license application.

Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the solicitation license application.

Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the tree contractor license application.

Please CLICK HERE to view the Code of Ordinance regarding business licensing

Please CLICK HERE to view the Code of Ordinance regarding business registration.